Day Eight – Planning for Success

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

At least, that’s what Benjamin Franklin said, but I have found it to be true. Which is why I use my bullet journal.

I’ve mentioned it before on Day Three, and it has been helping me tremendously in keeping up with the little habits i am creating.

Here’s how that habit tracker filled up last week:

I did really well on dishes and making my bed every single morning. The laundry actually didn’t need done every day, I ended up doing one load every other day and getting it all put away quickly.

I have seen significant improvement in things since I have begun. Today I was able to cook a really large meal so husband and I have healthy food on hand. I have also been less stressed and was pretty calm and even excited when I found out company was coming over.

Then I got an email that should have completely stressed me out. It was from a relative who gave a pretty detailed list of events they want to happen over the next few months. However, instead of stressing out, I grabbed my trusty bullet journal again and got ready.

I created a future log until January, since I have some big events happening then too, so I can have a clear and concise view of absolutely everything.

On the left of both pages is the months so I can easily see where the days are in regarding to the weekends. The box on the right signifies birthdays and so I just write a number and the name of the birthday person. Then the circle in the lower right signifies holidays and events. I had started with a triangle, I preferred the circle.

I really like how this spread turned out. I did practice my hand writing a little with the months, and out in the heart arrows, but other than that I wanted it really simple so I do not get overwhelmed. Even the part where I wrote Labor Day into the wrong month and crossed out, I became happy with because it helps me to relax and just jot down notes.

In all seriousness this blog is a combination of things, but the goal is to help me minimize my stress by focusing on what is important to me and creating habits that prevent big unnecessary problems from arising. My bullet journal has helped me in this and I am very excited to continue to share what is working for me as I pursue this goal of a calm and joyful life.

Do you use a bullet journal? How has it helped you in pursuing your goals?
I would love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments.

Until tomorrow,


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